Welcome to my channel. My name is Kwebbelkop or Jordi. I'm an English speaking USlikesr! I like making videos and I love to do silly stuff. I love playing games with my friends and interacting with my KOPS! I upload at least 1 video every single day at the exact same time. I love watching funny videos, seeing amazing animations, and enjoying family friendly content. If you enjoy amazing videos. you have come to the right place!
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The Jelly Roast.
My Mom Plays Among Us
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  1. Nashwa Zahara

    Nashwa Zahara56 minutes ago


  2. ahmad fadhil azhar ahmadd

    ahmad fadhil azhar ahmadd56 minutes ago

    L hate tiger

  3. Ponjap's The Left Handed Player

    Ponjap's The Left Handed Player57 minutes ago

    short life is a game on google play

  4. Tara Gurung

    Tara Gurung58 minutes ago

    If you watch this all yplou are dead becose of mom lol

  5. Deepa L.R

    Deepa L.R58 minutes ago

    3:28 THIS MADE MY DAYY❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Khala Higgs

    Khala Higgs58 minutes ago

    Where’s wKunda

  7. Mashudu Esther Nemaranzhe

    Mashudu Esther Nemaranzhe59 minutes ago

    Red and blue

  8. Tortoise Survivio

    Tortoise Survivio59 minutes ago

    I would totally hire Jordi as a realtor. Hey Tiger!

  9. Ishak Isaacs

    Ishak Isaacs59 minutes ago

    They saying his face looks funny when saying your face is curing the world

  10. sabiha kamran

    sabiha kamran59 minutes ago

    Love it very much

  11. jason the best

    jason the bestHour ago

    Worst utuber

  12. Bacon Eggs

    Bacon EggsHour ago

    Me: I can I have a Nintendo switch Mom: We already have Nintendo switch at home The Nintendo switch at home:

  13. Lmaoitsweird

    LmaoitsweirdHour ago

    There shouldn’t be a last race, you guys should keep playing with them again

  14. Tss-The Stuffy Show

    Tss-The Stuffy ShowHour ago

    2:48 This makes me mad

  15. Saloni Aloni

    Saloni AloniHour ago

    I will make my own property

  16. yamannyy Likes everything

    yamannyy Likes everythingHour ago

    This was emotional.

  17. Salinda Rajapakse

    Salinda RajapakseHour ago

    Jordys scream brings back soo many memory's

  18. Rochan’s Art Channel

    Rochan’s Art ChannelHour ago

    Hey Jordy! I am so sorry for what had happened in the past few years. But I am so happy that you are recovering from that. Keep up the excellent work.

  19. Michael Nyamwaya

    Michael NyamwayaHour ago

    Sorry kwebbelkop

  20. Zion Alexander

    Zion AlexanderHour ago

    you probably wont see this but I've been watching for like the longest I'm your number one fan I love you so much man you have made me so happy thx

  21. soarin 0211

    soarin 0211Hour ago

    Why is there 4.6k dislikes

  22. Mdr Fozy

    Mdr FozyHour ago

    "I have a little balcony here" Yeah that's little...

  23. Joshua Hoffman

    Joshua HoffmanHour ago

    1 like for kwebbelkop dad

  24. Sanjay Singh

    Sanjay SinghHour ago

    Take black hole gun

  25. william serrano

    william serranoHour ago

    Well tell me you’re gonna record more vids with them soon right????:((

  26. soarin 0211

    soarin 0211Hour ago


  27. Zipporah Mumbua

    Zipporah MumbuaHour ago

    Let's go jordi,nice roasts now we want a diss track

  28. Elisa Supan

    Elisa SupanHour ago




    U are awsome

  30. Rakan Fahad

    Rakan FahadHour ago


  31. mula cula

    mula culaHour ago

    How much is the rent on the amsterdam apartment? 3 tot 4000 a month?

  32. Noob boi

    Noob boiHour ago

    do u see lite on there face

  33. Balzer playz

    Balzer playzHour ago

    hey kweebelkop i love u

  34. Ocampo Dastin

    Ocampo DastinHour ago

    I Love how kwebbelkop React to every Roast LOL

  35. Herrin Hopper

    Herrin HopperHour ago

    The small renault is very slow tho it’s not custom

  36. Fik Ri

    Fik RiHour ago

    You should speed run her

  37. Ryker Molina

    Ryker MolinaHour ago

    I go for the leg not wing

  38. Notorious Games

    Notorious GamesHour ago

    1:51 u can see the p,Ayer I visible holding redstone in his hand placing the blood

  39. Jyoti Thapa

    Jyoti ThapaHour ago

    This is how many times he screamed 👇️ 👇️ 👇️ 👇️


    BLACK RUBYHour ago

    That's how you fall Start again You are forgot how you over here Its not good You now know it

  41. gamerz world

    gamerz worldHour ago

    The police is a multiplayer

  42. La Cobra

    La CobraHour ago

    0:37 I was dieing

  43. Christine Rugwe

    Christine RugweHour ago


  44. Charlie hi

    Charlie hiHour ago

    I feel bad

  45. gamerz world

    gamerz worldHour ago

    You did it

  46. jovel alan

    jovel alanHour ago

    defenetely kwebblkop won

  47. Cedric Justin Fajarito

    Cedric Justin FajaritoHour ago

    The titan mobs its so awesome and i like it 👍👌❤❤

  48. call of duty mobile

    call of duty mobileHour ago

    The outro song

  49. Mythical Thunder

    Mythical ThunderHour ago


  50. Lucy Mwangi

    Lucy MwangiHour ago

    Orange banana

  51. Dr Sanchita Shettigar

    Dr Sanchita ShettigarHour ago

    USlikesrs after watching jelly's video: This is our opportunity to drop even more roasts on him.😂😂😂😂

  52. Wadie Wanli

    Wadie WanliHour ago

    I already saw it on your Instagram stories lol



    😁it's same

  54. jdvgjdb such x

    jdvgjdb such xHour ago

    he is very stupid her head is so big ugh

  55. Infinite Gamer

    Infinite GamerHour ago

    how bout i just use my controller which came with my gaming phone

  56. Dawson Nelson

    Dawson NelsonHour ago

    When it said if laughter is the best medicine your face must be curing the world. It ment your face is laughable.

  57. Alexander Maxwell

    Alexander MaxwellHour ago

    Goku is the strongest mortal in universe 7

  58. Aiden Salguero

    Aiden SalgueroHour ago

    The person you siad you your scrone He is scrany to

  59. Minthu Hein

    Minthu HeinHour ago

    I like spiderman. the eye is so cool


    HAIDER KHANHour ago

    old jordi is back bros AHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  61. Aiden Salguero

    Aiden SalgueroHour ago

    Why would people want girls that have been taken and kids should not have instagram

  62. Hudo S

    Hudo SHour ago

    Ghast won

  63. James Manalili

    James ManaliliHour ago

    You laugh


    VOTE TANQR PLSHour ago

    Hi jordi i am an OG fan of you but im also a fan of tanqR but i stop watching you at 2019 and 2020 but now its my first time to watch you in 2020 also i am a youtuber

  65. Uno Viado

    Uno ViadoHour ago

    Am i the only one watching his old videos XD

  66. KDREW PH

    KDREW PHHour ago


  67. Angela Tieu

    Angela TieuHour ago

    No it's 2

  68. Louis Despi

    Louis DespiHour ago

    #1 "BANANA"

  69. Bray lil one

    Bray lil oneHour ago

    Good on you jordy. Keep it up. Love you

  70. Karim Mishlawi

    Karim MishlawiHour ago

    I am intelligent because 1+1=2

  71. Stacey Mcfarlane

    Stacey McfarlaneHour ago

    no his face is laughable

  72. Kang JoJo

    Kang JoJoHour ago

    Za Warudo, Time is Only mine!!

  73. Cecilia A

    Cecilia AHour ago

    Even though minecraft can't come to life there is an app called minecraft earth

  74. Robert Cavazos

    Robert CavazosHour ago

    Joride you have all your friends you can talk to to and your vewiers if you ever need to talk to people kk

  75. Rishi Mohan

    Rishi MohanHour ago

    I love your vids and i can speak dutch to. Hallo kwebblelkop ik hou van jou vids het is zo leuk en kan ik ook een ps4 ik will geen ps 5 maar als je krijgt een ps 5 kan je die ps4 aan mij geven pls ik will een gaming thing ook. Iedereen heeft 1 maar ik niks dus kan ik 1 pls pls pls