Why I Left Jelly and Slogo.

Why I Left Jelly and Slogo.
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Have you ever wondered why I left ROBUST? This video will tell you why JELLY SLOGO and I are no longer recording! I hope you all can understand my point of view. :)
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  1. Tiger

    Tiger4 days ago

    Hello, I’m Hassan/Tiger. Jordi, not only did you help me out with my channel but you also gave me a lot of life changing personal advice. I promise I won’t take this chance for granted and I will grind out the best possible content EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. ❤️ Maybe all 5 of us should make a video together one day, that would be pretty epic 😎

  2. daewoo3690

    daewoo36904 days ago


  3. john guia

    john guia4 days ago

    That would be awesome 😃

  4. bahthearenterprise mimi

    bahthearenterprise mimi4 days ago

    :3 Awesome

  5. game boy

    game boy4 days ago

    That so awesome for you guys and If you guys are planning to have an another USlikesr Can it be a girl plz. :)

  6. Andrew Nesko

    Andrew Nesko4 days ago


  7. Robert Cavazos

    Robert Cavazos2 hours ago

    Joride you have all your friends you can talk to to and your vewiers if you ever need to talk to people kk

  8. Robert Cavazos

    Robert Cavazos2 hours ago

    Join there group it will be yellow green orange red

  9. Adhiraj Bhatia

    Adhiraj Bhatia2 hours ago

    Yup good to know u are feeling better

  10. Tyler Kendrick

    Tyler Kendrick2 hours ago

    They replaced u nooo. Have u ever thought about rejoining?


    JONAS EGNENIO2 hours ago

    so sad his dad i dont want to say it

  12. ZXW 1inchwienerbeaner

    ZXW 1inchwienerbeaner2 hours ago

    Thank you for this video and we all love u keep up the great work👍👍

  13. ManlyDuck

    ManlyDuck2 hours ago

    I just realized like 2 months ago that he is NL youtuber

  14. PolarWolf Gaming

    PolarWolf Gaming2 hours ago

    I Hope I Can Have A USlikesrs Life!

  15. George Moffat

    George Moffat2 hours ago

    Red orange yellow green

  16. GreenGamer playz

    GreenGamer playz3 hours ago

    I think that jordi HITTED the hardest brick in his life

  17. DoggoGamez

    DoggoGamez3 hours ago

    I wanted for you guys to do the casino heist together in gta

  18. MadmanH20

    MadmanH203 hours ago

    I feel like he just get betrayed by his GF

  19. Omar GTR

    Omar GTR3 hours ago

    Jordi is one of the rarest and heart warming USlikesrs and I would love to see him the top best youtuber

  20. Liezl Moreno

    Liezl Moreno3 hours ago

    if its troue 900 m un likes if not true 900000 s likes

  21. KT_722

    KT_7224 hours ago

    Wow I actually used to be og but i stopped watching u guys but I still u used to keep up with u guys and I knew u stopped playing with them but once in a while I watch u guys

  22. Louis Spence

    Louis Spence4 hours ago

    Jordi I'm so sorry for your loss god bless😇🙏

  23. TonyskalYT *

    TonyskalYT *4 hours ago

    Where are this guys eyes lmao

  24. Justin Shawn Rebenito

    Justin Shawn Rebenito4 hours ago

    But men your the best

  25. Justin Shawn Rebenito

    Justin Shawn Rebenito4 hours ago

    Men i new your in depression when seeing your vid before your not happy like before and i guesse a can see it in your face

  26. Super Nes

    Super Nes4 hours ago

    You're all talented. I think people miss GTA 5 tbh.

  27. tazo kldiashvili

    tazo kldiashvili4 hours ago

    jordi the way that the covid-19 goes u could meet them and Record Ok

  28. tazo kldiashvili

    tazo kldiashvili4 hours ago

    that will be best everyone like everyone could Do that

  29. Emmanuel Sharma

    Emmanuel Sharma4 hours ago

    Kwellbelkop i want to be youtube and can i join u pls i reallly have passion pls😔

  30. Marjay Queyou

    Marjay Queyou4 hours ago

    Never give up on you’re dream

  31. Noob24 Caleb

    Noob24 Caleb4 hours ago


  32. Rochelle Villafuerte

    Rochelle Villafuerte5 hours ago

    Ive been watching you for 5-6 years i havent watched you in a year and im glad youre ok :)

  33. Chuck Zedie P. Lincuna

    Chuck Zedie P. Lincuna5 hours ago


  34. Audy Reyfan

    Audy Reyfan5 hours ago

    Jordi u I don't really wanna watch nymore

  35. Popsimush

    Popsimush5 hours ago

    but now is the time to get back to those two, Bring tiger along and i promise it would be legendary.


    YASH RAWAT5 hours ago

    *The only thing I don't agree upon is that he was stopping them from achieving their true potential*

  37. jStrikes94

    jStrikes945 hours ago

    People are dying around the world and you want pitty for your youtube inflated life.

  38. KaTLuVeR

    KaTLuVeR5 hours ago

    The let's do this brought me back

  39. Furzy

    Furzy5 hours ago

    i miss wel-come-back KOPS! MY NAME IS KWEBBELKOP...

  40. TAWP EffEcTZ

    TAWP EffEcTZ5 hours ago

    This video explained all why I stopped watching him a couple years ago. No hate intended because I love him. It just wasn’t the same tho.

  41. NAMAN Adhikari

    NAMAN Adhikari5 hours ago

    If you feel well Lets make a collab vid kay?🙂🙂 Not all the time but Occasionally?

  42. Cheang Sabay

    Cheang Sabay5 hours ago

    Yyyyyyyyyyyy :(

  43. Jhettro Illescas

    Jhettro Illescas6 hours ago

    Join the group

  44. Jhettro Illescas

    Jhettro Illescas6 hours ago

    Can i

  45. Jhettro Illescas

    Jhettro Illescas6 hours ago

    Can i join the group please please

  46. Jhettro Illescas

    Jhettro Illescas6 hours ago

    Hi kwebblekop im a new youtuber

  47. Manta ray simp

    Manta ray simp6 hours ago

    I already knew it when I watched his reaction video he just explains everything like EVERYTHING I hope the good ol Gta 5 videos come back

  48. princexry games

    princexry games6 hours ago

    Just play sometimes with them pls u r also the best playing with them it's more funny and all

  49. Khen Nouviel subellano

    Khen Nouviel subellano6 hours ago

    I've been waiting for 3 years now thank god here it is

  50. Gamer YT

    Gamer YT6 hours ago

    BRUH THE DISLIKES /but for just one video kop haters just go away for just one vidoe ....GO AWAY

  51. Jhasper Illescas

    Jhasper Illescas6 hours ago

    Hello kwebble pls record with them again pls.

  52. Jhasper Illescas

    Jhasper Illescas6 hours ago

    Hello kwed

  53. Hector Herrera

    Hector Herrera6 hours ago


  54. Caedyn Jackson

    Caedyn Jackson6 hours ago

    I love the old 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  55. A.H playz

    A.H playz6 hours ago

    jordi can you please help me out wth my changel

  56. A.H playz

    A.H playz6 hours ago


  57. Lonelyz

    Lonelyz6 hours ago

    Ooo i see

  58. its me yup boi

    its me yup boi6 hours ago

    also it will never be the same without you

  59. its me yup boi

    its me yup boi6 hours ago

    can u start recording with them please

  60. VoidPlays

    VoidPlays6 hours ago

    Same I do it for the fun.

  61. Eduardo Acevedo

    Eduardo Acevedo6 hours ago

    Havent watched you in a few years but ik all the things that happened to you and knew you weren’t the happiest but i know you’re happy now you look amazing bro i hope these years coming up do so much good for you love and positivity is coming your way!! ❤️❤️

  62. Ztolen

    Ztolen6 hours ago

    I've gotten many good comments saying I'm doing very well but am removing nowhere what do I do?


    RECHMOND J. GALLO6 hours ago

    Not only women has depression

  64. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur Morgan6 hours ago


  65. wikikid 12

    wikikid 126 hours ago

    Im just glad he didn’t turn into Jake Paul

  66. Devarsh Sheth

    Devarsh Sheth6 hours ago


  67. kyng_ ball

    kyng_ ball6 hours ago

    If u do play with them again can u guys play gta?

  68. the game

    the game6 hours ago

    Pleae x box for gta

  69. Eram Afzal

    Eram Afzal6 hours ago

    Hi Jordi I think u r one of the best. I started to tear up from the start! Keep the good work. And if laughter is really the best medicine then u cure the world even when u were in hmmm '' depression ''


    TOSHIRO GAMING7 hours ago

    USlikes can u pls add new emoji i wanted sad emoji T-T

  71. Hetansh Vasoya

    Hetansh Vasoya7 hours ago

    I love you Jordi!

  72. dbz hudson

    dbz hudson7 hours ago

    I remember the good old days when you all 3 played human fall flat man do I miss those videos

  73. charmaine probert

    charmaine probert7 hours ago

    Got me crying

  74. Farhan Bora

    Farhan Bora7 hours ago

    Pls record with them

  75. jordan summer

    jordan summer7 hours ago


  76. Quinnan Brown

    Quinnan Brown7 hours ago

    me: sees this video also me: HOW THE FLIP he explains everything: kalm

  77. Flukemind production

    Flukemind production7 hours ago

    Kinda miss him playing with the other 2

  78. Aarya Javia

    Aarya Javia7 hours ago

    Jordi, I also have a TEAM, but the team never cooperates me, but I watched this video, I got an energy in my soul and what a great person you are and you almost made me cry becuz you have the real suffering and know what is a TEAM and FRIENDS, a massive respect from me.

  79. Mu Mi

    Mu Mi7 hours ago

    I loved the old days :.:

  80. ITZ_ME

    ITZ_ME7 hours ago

    make a podcast

  81. Mu Mi

    Mu Mi7 hours ago

    U were my childhood youtuber :(

  82. RED _ŵølf pãçk

    RED _ŵølf pãçk7 hours ago

    ಥ‿ಥ he never gave up and that is what makes me proud

  83. Mr. laundrywiggles 25

    Mr. laundrywiggles 257 hours ago

    You should become a call of duty USlikesr

  84. Aesthetic_Songs

    Aesthetic_Songs7 hours ago

    My question is do you guys still play off camera

  85. Electro_boy 737

    Electro_boy 7377 hours ago

    Never roast ever agian

  86. Blazin Gamer

    Blazin Gamer7 hours ago

    I really want u 3 come to back together....

  87. YourFavKid Jay

    YourFavKid Jay7 hours ago

    He finally did it no way seems like a been a year

  88. m3llo

    m3llo7 hours ago

    tbh i though it was just me i though the world was against me but there was people who had the same prob the crazy thing is im 12 i had depression for 7 years

  89. chandan gautam

    chandan gautam7 hours ago

    Get together again man

  90. Meenakshi Mittal

    Meenakshi Mittal7 hours ago

    Nooo don't left them plz I love your vids

  91. wayne monte

    wayne monte7 hours ago

    And bye

  92. Lil Monkey Gaming

    Lil Monkey Gaming8 hours ago

    Plz record with them like you said u would on Instagram plzzzzz

  93. ItzSnozzie

    ItzSnozzie8 hours ago

    The truth

  94. Fatima Ahmed

    Fatima Ahmed8 hours ago

    Then why aren't u going back to them


    PARZIVAL8 hours ago

    Hey Jordi, I need Help With My Channel Too, I am Not Requesting You To Promote My Channel Or something, But As I Am Starting New I Really Dont KNow How I Am Going To Move Forward, Do You Have Any Tips?

  96. Ashley Bustetter

    Ashley Bustetter8 hours ago

    I hope you day you can play with the group again

  97. Henry Malone

    Henry Malone8 hours ago

    my dad died 3 years ago

  98. Christopher Sinanian

    Christopher Sinanian8 hours ago

    I'm so sorry for your dad

  99. Gacha play’s Visor

    Gacha play’s Visor8 hours ago

    Now that’s just tuff

  100. John Cedric Catiis

    John Cedric Catiis8 hours ago

    i hope kwebbelkop gose back in recording :(

  101. Randy Flores

    Randy Flores8 hours ago

    I searched up sml and I find this?no offense

  102. Tanish Kumar Reddy

    Tanish Kumar Reddy8 hours ago

    You sound like BadBoyHalo

  103. Aesthetic_Songs

    Aesthetic_Songs7 hours ago

    @Tanish Kumar Reddy not really unless he is speaking very high or laughing but normally nope

  104. Tanish Kumar Reddy

    Tanish Kumar Reddy7 hours ago

    @Aesthetic_Songswhy so, his voice is similar to BadBoyHalo Right🤥

  105. Aesthetic_Songs

    Aesthetic_Songs7 hours ago

    Not really

  106. kroom broom

    kroom broom8 hours ago

    I'm happy for u Jordy I know what it feels like having depression or mental issues atleast u got better again I'm happy for u

  107. dran marie

    dran marie8 hours ago


  108. Ricky Vigil

    Ricky Vigil8 hours ago

    Hi tiger ☺☺☺☺☺

  109. jayanthysunilbabu

    jayanthysunilbabu8 hours ago

    Then pls join them with tiger also then five in a team then keep the team name as bro team

  110. flintnx edits

    flintnx edits8 hours ago

    Jazzy land

  111. Chill out gaming

    Chill out gaming8 hours ago

    Good job Kwebbelkop And I'm super passionate on USlikes I Wich I could get some coaching in USlikes if you could pls help me I will appreciate it a lot if you could I will appreciate a lot so can you pls think about it